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Wilcon Philconstruct 2018 2018-02-02 13:25:11

howcasing a vast selection of its finest home building products, Wilcon Depot, the country's leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, once again participated in PHILCONSTRUCT: 28th Philippine International Construction Equipment, Building Materials, Interior & Exterior Products Exhibition and Technology Forum staged at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last January 6-9, 2018.

Wilcon Depot is a regular exhibitor of Philconstruct for a good number of years already. Steered by its aspiration to uphold its products and services to more Filipinos, Wilcon never ceases to join exhibits, trade fairs and expositions.

Wilcon's well-designed booth draws trade goer's attention and engage the huge public with their innovative, high quality and trusted home construction products. They are certain that it is one of the best venue to boost their topnotch and superior products and promote to the market their total product line.

Wilcon showcased its exclusive brands like Grohe and Kohler Sanitarywares, Franke Kitchen Systems, Pozzi Bathroom Solutions, Hamdem Cooking Hobs, Alphalux Lighting Solutions, Sefa Specialty Bathroom faucets, MacroAir HVLS Fans and Rubi Tile Cutter. Grespania Coverlam, Picasso Mosaic, and Leonardo Italian tiles were also displayed in various styles. Wilcon gives every trade goers a realistic approach of its booth for them to have a hands-on experience of their products.

Through this exhibit, Wilcon have introduced new products and innovations among its clients and other industry professionals. The exhibit showcases products like building materials and components, construction equipment and materials, building accessories, construction accessories and essentials, interior design materials, exterior design products, building and construction machinery and other related range of products in the Building Construction, Industrial Products industries.

Philconstruct is a 4-day event that attracted more than 1,500 exhibitors, which aims to strengthen the country's various structures and infrastructures introducing building materials and construction equipment from 23 countries. It serves as an annual gathering of hundred of leading suppliers and thousands of trade buyers in one room.

Wilcon will continually share its contribution to help in innovating the construction industry in the Philippines. Discover something new and learn more about what Wilcon has in store for you by visiting any Wilcon Depot store nationwide. You can check out their website at www.wilcon.com.ph and follow them on their official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram at @wilcondepot.ph.


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